USB Flashdrive Autorun Antivirus

USB Flashdrive Autorun Antivirus 1.1

It's an autorun antivirus solution for your USB Flash drive

The autorun is a nice and handy feature that optical discs or removable drives support, but it’s also a common means that viruses and malware often use to infect your computer. Many people, including me, would rather choose the security system over the rather dispensable benefit brought by the autorun function. Therefore getting rid of it is the way to go. This utility, the “USB Flashdrive Autorun Antivirus”, helps you with this task, as it will protect your system against autorun-based viruses. It’s a complete security solution that doesn’t only disable the autorun function of USB removable drives, but also cleans existing autorun infections and immunizes the drive by installing a special autorun file which viruses or malware cannot delete or infect.

USB Flashdrive Autorun Antivirus is a pretty powerful and complex program. Besides its autorun cleaning and immunization functions, this feature-rich tool can also repair system features that were disabled or broken by virus infections (such as the access blocked to the task manager or files that were hidden). It can also temporarily disable the autorun function which comes in handy especially when you insert a new USB flash stick that wasn’t previously scanned, cleaned, or immunized.

USB Flashdrive Autorun Antivirus is also easy-to-use. Its interface is pretty simple and straightforward. Since it’s also quite affordable, I believe that USB Flashdrive Autorun Antivirus is a good choice for whenever you consider no longer ignoring the possibility of having to face autorun-based virus infections.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Allows immunizing the USB drive
  • Allows fixing broken system features
  • Affordable


  • The interface looks a bit outdated
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